The Covenant Founding Page

At the end of the old times, the forces of light had gained ascendance. All evil gods and all evil races lay shattered before the mightiest of gods and men. It seemed an end to the war that had raged since the beginning of time between good and evil, but those who were old enough or wise enough knew that the ancient shadow would soon begin to creep once more across the land. The old gods looked across the world in triumph, but a sadness had come over them, for light shone everywhere on devastation, as it had always ever done at the end of their wars. The land that had birthed the eladrin race now lay in pieces at the bottom of a new sea, a waste of ash blew where the mother tree had taken root, the dwarven citadels that had held secure since that mighty race had lost the mountain that birthed them now lay blasted and open to the sky, the last refuge of the dragons, near to gods themselves, now stood at the center of a vast desert, and ancient Gondolen, womb to the gods, had been torn asunder by the death throes of the first and mightiest of gods. And indeed, this was not the first time that the gods had seen such destruction, for this was the price to vanquish evil. The gods feared it would not be the last.

One of the old gods spoke the thought that gripped them all but had gone unspoken since the beginning of time. “All of creation is weary,” this god said, “Weary of us. For we were born children of light and dark, and all the world has suffered for it. On the day we emerged from Gondolen, we brought conflict with us as our light rose against the shadow that lay upon our brethren. Our struggle has endured forever, and it will endure forever, for we have always been only equal to them and never truly greater. This law was written in our birth, it is a part of our being, and we have led all the races that came after us down this road of conflict. We know that even though light shines everywhere now, the shadow will grow again. The races celebrate, but soon all that they have sacrificed will bring regret and pain to them, and they will remember old slights and feuds. In the destruction that always follows our victory lay the seeds of evil. How many of our heroes, how many of our favored races, have we lost to this war, and how many more are we willing to lose? Will we see for all our immortal lives only death and war?

“Our will rules now as completely as it ever can, and we can change creation if we choose. If we could leave creation behind forever, it would be done, but our essence is creation, so we must stay. The laws of our birth are immutable, but we can forge new laws with a new birth. All must consent for our will to be done.”

The gods of light were in agreement that the holy war must end, so they called the defeated gods of darkness to them and told them of their determination. So strong was their will that many of the dark gods agreed, and those that would not gave up their godhood and passed away. Then the gods appeared to all to say the last words they would ever speak.

“We are the children of light and dark, and it has been our war that has torn creation asunder and cost so much to so many. We are gods and cannot change, but we can give ourselves up to make new selves who are not bound by the same laws, and we will do this, for you and for the world. Let our names pass from memory, and put aside this war forever. We will die, and new gods will arise from our death. These gods will not be bound to fight as we are, but will instead be equal, and worshiped by all.”

The Covenant Founding Page

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