Cynosure Organizations

The Malachite League – The Malachite League was founded in Gauthe with two purposes: to ensure the continued redemption of the former races of darkness, and to lessen the strict militarism prevalent in Gauthe. The League’s core is made up of half-orcs, for they have always been the race best able to bridge the gap between the former races of light and dark that make up the Gauthode population.

Orcs were the only race to hold positions of power in Gauthe’s early days, and even eight centuries later, race continues to be a major factor in one’s societal position. The Malachite League advocates equality among all Gauthode races. Though these reformist positions often put the League at odds with the military commanders who rule Gauthe, the military respects the League so long as it shows no weakness in its conviction.

The Malachite League also functions as Gauthe’s diplomatic corps, and abroad the League tries to increase acceptance of the dark races in foreign countries. Because Gauthe has been well behaved for centuries, these efforts seem to be paying off. Of particular importance to the League currently is preventing a war with Khel Darahl. The Reforged are inclined to live alongside their southern neighbors and work together to heal the scars of the past, but King Ragnar has made it clear that Gauthe’s continued occupation of Khel Behrin is unacceptable. The Malachite League, which is based in Khel Behrin, is equally clear that the citadel properly belongs to Gauthe, so continued peace between the two nations seems unlikely.

The Concordat – Among the heroes of Khel Gloriad’s excavation was a dwarven Inheritor priest, Brother Barrett. He had come to Khel Gloriad to rebuild an ancient dwarven diplomatic corps called the starmantles. In ages past, the starmantles had served as Khel Darahl’s emissaries to the planes, where they carried the dwarven will to the immortals and elementals living there. The dwarves had grown so powerful by the end of the previous age that the bargains they struck with the planes overwhelmingly favored them, and the starmantles were resented in the planes more than celebrated.

Barrett believed that reaching out to the planes required new humility and magnanimity, and as part of his work in Khel Gloriad, he freed all elementals still bound to service everywhere in Khel Darahl. He earned the trust of elemental agents who had come to Khel Darahl, and following Khel Gloriad’s destruction, Brother Barrett followed the newly crowned King Ragnar to Khel Venheim, where he founded the Concordat.

The Concordat is a diplomatic corps that works in conjunction with planar agents to reestablish relationships that have been disrupted since the Gods Fall War. Most of these agents are skeptical of Ragnar’s reign, for he hews too closely to the dwarven attitudes of old, but the Concordat itself is more sympathetic to the Reforged than the Enthroned. Ragnar tolerates these sympathies because the Concordat provides valuable elemental allies in the war against Reillanwurm. In truth, though, the elementals have committed only token forces to this war.

The Concordat has become embroiled in a conflict unfolding in the Elemental Chaos. Prior to the founding of the Covenant, the elemental planes were separate, and most elementals consisted of a single element. The Covenant merged these planes into the Elemental Chaos, and now only fragments of the purity of the former elemental planes remain. Those elementals that remain a single element call themselves the immaculates, and they are the ones most interested in building relationships with the mortal world. Set against them in the Elemental Chaos are the archons, who would see the immaculates merge into the mixed elementals that compose most of the archons’ armies. The archons also seek to drag the mortal world into the Elemental Chaos, so the immaculates and the Concordat are united in opposing them, even though most of the mortal world is unaware of this burgeoning threat.

The Adamant Refinery – Another organization founded in the wake of Khel Gloriad’s destruction, the Adamant Refinery is a military academy that is rapidly becoming the Cynosure’s premier institution of military science and technology, a testament to the dwarven race’s renewed strength. The Unyielding Bulwark was a group of excavators that came to Khel Gloriad to recover the lost art of the dwarven defender. After their success in Khel Gloriad, their leader, Dorna Yreich, assumed command of the dwarven military under King Ragnar’s regime.

She built the Adamant Refinery in southern Khel Darahl and invited the Boartusk Regiment, along with the dwarven dissidents who held Gemsworn, to participate in building a new Darahlan military. This angered both King Ragnar and Gauthe, but the Regiment agreed to instruct the students at the Refinery in Gauthode military tactics. The Refinery’s craftsmen honed their skills with the mystical strength imparted by Gemsworn, leading to the first creation en masse of new warforged since the Gods Fall War. Today, the master smiths of the Refinery are able to craft warforged and more without Gemsworn’s help.

The Adamant Refinery was the focal point of the first flourishing of the Reforged, and Dorna’s relationship with King Ragnar rapidly degenerated as the Refinery accepted more and more Reforged students over the Enthroned. Dorna led the military effort against Davianwurm in the first campaigns of that war, but her access to King Ragnar’s military plans soon caused her to break all ties with his agenda, though to date she has declined to share her knowledge of these plans publicly.

Dorna retired her post and returned to the Refinery, where she called for the loyalty of the cadets and instructors there in severing formal ties with Khel Darahl to become an independent institution. Enough agreed that those who refused were sent to northern Khel Darahl without incident. The loss of the Adamant Refinery is King Ragnar’s biggest setback to date, and it signaled to the world that the dwarven race had truly split.

Today, the Refinery dedicates itself to the development of modern military science and technology, recovery and collection of historical and foreign military arts, coordination of military resources across national borders, and policing the ethical application of military force across the Cynosure. The Refinery fights alongside the Malachite League in containing the threat of Bruhl’s armies in Southern Khel Darahl, and it openly expects to meet an attack from King Ragnar in the coming years.

The Rosing Academy – In the previous age, the Rosing family was a noble Genosan lineage dedicated to excellence in the arcane arts. Many of the most powerful arcanists in the Cynosure were either Rosings or their protégés, and the Rosing family library was the most extensive collection of arcane knowledge and artifacts in the known world.

The Rosings were equally dedicated to the cause of the light, so it was a natural expression of their duty when Fedel Rosing founded the Rosing Academy to spread their accomplishments further. The Academy stood on the front lines in the Gods Fall War, and though its losses were heavy, the Academy survived into the current age. Because of its origins in Genose’s nobility, the Rosing Academy was not very sympathetic to the founding of the Republic, instead choosing to ally itself with the Church Radiant in attempting to preserve the traditional dedication to the light.

The Rosing Academy has benefited greatly from the flowering of arts and sciences that followed in the wake of the Republic’s founding, however. Indeed, the Academy has been responsible for fueling much of the breakneck progress in arcane research that is one of the hallmarks of the Genosan renaissance. In its early days, the Academy focused its research and teaching strictly on arcane matters with a smattering of etiquette and linguistics, but today it has expanded its studies into divine, primal, psionic, and other disciplines as well as sciences such as mathematics, astrology, herbalism, and alchemy.

Rather than limit itself to theory, the Rosing Academy encourages its students to consider the practical applications of their art, and its academicians frequently consult abroad. For example, Khel Darahl developed its aerial navy in conjunction with academicians from the Academy; however, the Darahlan military holds the specifics of their design, leaving the Academy only able to teach the broad theories of the craft. Arcanists who pursue a more military path have joined the Adamant Refinery in recent years in preference to the Academy, but the two institutions have developed a good working relationship.

The Rosing Academy openly opposes the Marrowmodeon cult so prevalent in Genose, but considering that the Academy’s ranks include those who maintain pacts with sinister forces, it is likely that more than a few Apostate cultists operate within its walls.

The Border Mission – It has become clear in recent years that the Polestars, who had maintained the security of the Cynosure, are no longer able to guarantee the safety of the region, consumed as they are with their own problems. The conflicts within their borders are so great, in fact, that they threaten to drag the entire region into chaos.

The Brethren of Aegis Inheritors established the Border Mission as a response to deteriorating stability within the Cynosure. The Polestars are merely the eight mightiest nations in the Cynosure, and numerous smaller countries have always served as border states, buffer zones, and puppet kingdoms for their neighbors. The Border Mission is dedicated to the support and strengthening of these border countries now that the Polestars have loosened their hold over them.

The Border Mission believes that by creating ramparts of strong, independent smaller nations in the Cynosure, it can contain the spread of the Polestars’ problems. As part of this agenda, border missionaries are advocates for the border countries’ rights to the Polestars.

The Border Mission began just five years ago, so its methods, sympathies, and effectiveness are still untested. Only time will tell if undermining the Polestars’ traditional defenses in favor of increased independence will save the Cynosure or expose it to further danger.

The Gloaming – No outsiders are certain exactly when or where the Gloaming began, but rumors of its existence circulated even in ages past. According to these rumors, the Gloaming was established as an arm of the light adept at operating in darkness. Its agents would live in lengthening shadow, searching for signs of true, encroaching darkness. With their seasoned perspective, these agents would rout evil before it could gain a civilized lands.

The Gloaming understands that truth and subterfuge are both weapons against evil, and only the naïve believe that dealing with such evil can leave one’s hands clean. Today, the Gloaming concerns itself with the proactive defense of the mortal world from any threats, particularly those skilled in hidden deception. While destroying true evil remains its focus, the Gloaming realizes that its agenda extends now to opposing tyranny, hypocrisy, and deception in all forms. Beyond that, its motives and influence are mysterious.

The Albatross Confederacy – When the Albatross Confederacy exposed the Iron Web to the world, they also revealed an unacknowledged truth of Calpurnian society: the merchant houses that ruled the Calpurnian Isles were merely a façade, the face the Calpurnians showed to the world. In truth, secret societies control the flow of trade across the globe, and none know their true loyalties.

The Albatross Confederacy stands firm in its claim that this revelation was necessary to stem the evil perpetuated by their countrymen, but the Cynosure has reacted to the Confederacy’s actions with suspicion or outright disdain. After all, the Confederacy’s stated goals are prevention of the total dissolution of the Calpurnian Isles as well as promotion of fair trade across the globe, but the Cynosure learned long ago that the Calpurnians’ idea of fair trade somehow manages to favor Calpurnian interests above any other.

So far as anyone can tell, the Albatross Confederacy is sincere in its agenda, but it also seeks financial supremacy over the Iron Web and control of the world’s trade networks, meaning that self-interest continues to dominate Calpurnian society. Still, supporting the Confederacy is obviously the lesser of two evils, or so it has convinced the world.

The Iron Web – Despite its exposure on the world stage, the Iron Web has preserved its status as a secret society. The world understands that the Iron Web’s goal is domination of the international trade network, and the Albatross Confederacy charges the Iron Web with slave trade and the subjugation of native populations to develop a land-based military unique to the Calpurnian Isles, but how important any of this actually is to the Iron Web is uncertain.

The Iron Web has demonstrated a curious drive to recover and master any remnants of divine power not bound by the Covenant, but its intentions with these remnants are unclear. Money, power, these things seem to matter most to the Iron Web, but perhaps they are merely bluffs to conceal greater goals. In the end, who can say, really? The only seemingly solid answers are provided by the Albatross Confederacy, and who can trust them?

Cynosure Organizations

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